How to select a Business Name and a Domain

We are living in the world of globalization where we dont know when we got to outreach for new geolocation to promote product and services. For this reason it is important to ensure the business name has to be

1. Globalized (ie the name shouldn’t translate offensive in another language)

2. It got to be unique so that you can get domain name, social media username and gmail email easily

3.  Many times it easy to comeup with domain like Yahoo and Google rather than Timberland and McDonald as it takes months to comeup with a domain name which is unique globally

At the same time the domain name should resemble your business and it should also carry the above 3 features in to it

While buying a domain for business it becomes confusion which domain to buy

Check out best online casino bonus in Canada! If you business is global like you are starting up a DHL Service then opt for dot com – otherwise user local domain like or .ca which gives you edge in local market as customer are more comfortable to see local business with local domain name.

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