How to launch a successful webstore to run your ebusiness

Generally we have in mind that launching e-commerce or webstore is easy and anyone can simply pay $19 per month and start selling. Perhaps, this is not the case, one has to understand there are several functions involved to make online venture a successful one. Lets explore what components are require to make it successful

1. Market Competitive Analysis using services like

2. Identify market trends and competitor offerings including products and pricing

3. Setup a unique shopping cart with rich experience

4. Show your customers you have great offerings customize just for him or here – just like how dell offer customized PC online

5. Optimize your website with metas, video and other suggestion mentioned by Google in its SEO Guide? Yes Google has published SEO Guide

6. Promote your store in video marketing, local marketing, email marketing, adwords and more

7. Add CRM to your site with third party tool from company like Kayako – this will help you to manage tickets, emails, phone calls and more

8. Get third party review on how your site is doing

9. Watch Google Analytic and see how your site is doing – also explore Google webmastertools to watch how keywords are doing

10. Are you making money – if not then, revisit the process to see which process is not optimize for business productivity and profit

Now these are some basics component – one has to ensure operations, finance, marketing, CRM everything is integrated to serve customers with great care.

Keep reading our series and explore how you can add great value to our ebusiness venture

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