Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become a key component in Digital Marketing besides SEO & SEM perhaps it has builtin advantages for online businesses. It is important to understand the advantages that will help in writing an effective social media plan.

1. It is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool rather than a marketplace or a webstore.

2. Reach out community not customers. Show them the trend and your love for your product and they will love your product.

3. Is your product interesting – then show how it could be interesting. If you iPAD then show how it can be use to business, student, engineer and other niche. Help them to get best out of product.

4. People likes engagement – can you plan an engagement like. Share your business idea and you could win a bplan or intuit subscription

5. Never get bored with online community – they love to hear from your brand. Dont spam with un-necessary product offering. They love to stay tune not for product development but, how beautiful your product us

6. Reposition your brand image in online community. It’s extra ordinary expensive to show your brand care. ┬áDon’t say we will refund for the products in 90 days. Say love to get you the best our fabric is specially treated to give you utmost comfort and we guarantee you will like it.

7. Don’t buildup technological setup with download and upload stuff or dont turn your social media page as a gaming zone instead talk about your corporate value system – talk about why your product is different and more.

8. Instead of sponsoring product how about sponsoring the best testimonial by your customers or something innovative your product has to offer.

9. Customer get attached to brand that has social responsibility show them how your brand cares for vendor, customers, employees and the country.

10. Last but not least ensure the creative, content and message is precise, concise and adaptable to each social media. Dont put vine video on youtube or vice versa

Think about social media advantage prior to planning and executing the campaign

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